“I’m Roland Clarke and I’m running for Park Board in Vancouver. Come join me in connecting people to green space, active living and community.”

          “On November 15, 2014, Vote Roland Clarke as a Park Commissioner for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.”

Roland Clarke cleans Victory Square


Roland Clarke was born in Hamiliton, Ontario.

He obtained a BSc in Advanced Mathematics and Physics at Trinity College, University of Toronto. On a full scholarship, Roland received a PhD in Physics from Stanford University.

During college, he spent a summer tree planting in Northern BC, and fell in love with the Province.

In 1998 Roland took a leave of absence from graduate school to form a green enterprise specializing in supplying recycled semiconductor grade materials for IBM.

In 2004 Roland founded a homebrew biodiesel co-op in Palo Alto, California and purchased zero fossil fuel for his diesel Mercedes for over 6 months. He has since installed biodiesel processors for farmers as far away as Chile.

Roland Clarke in Chile for Green business

Living in Vancouver since October 2010, Roland divides his time between teaching Mathematics and Physics and supporting the low income residents of the Downtown Eastside through community organizing.


          “As Coordinator of the DTES Street Market, I promote the empowerment of marginalized low income residents of Vancouver and teach independence, declientization, and entrepreneurship. With ideals of fostering Micro Enterprise and Greening the Inner City, The DTES Street Market has grown into an essential community festival and social enterprise with 52 events per year at Pigeon Park.

           The DTES Street Market is peer run, and is the longest running event in DTES history. This market provides over $500,000 per year ($10,000 per Sunday X 52 markets per year) of direct economic injection into the hands of the poorest residents of the DTES, and removes more than 20 tonnes of waste annually from landfills.

          The vendors collect their items from the garbage bins all over the City of Vancouver, and come from the most marginalized population in Canada. One third of our vendors are women, many current or former sex trade workers, roughly half are native, a significant minority are from the nearby Chinese retirement community, and a majority are either homeless or under-housed in the surrounding infamous SROs of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.”

DTES Street Market cartoon benefits for everyone 1

0 Roland Clarke at Pigeon Park Street  2

The Street Market is currently incubating a tool share library sponsored by the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HXBIA) where 18V tools are recharged using a home built Solar Panel array designed and constructed by Roland Clarke.  The lot at 62 East Hastings is being transformed into a neighbourhood green space, community garden and gathering place.

1907626_662127983843091_6790107111187611187_n 10155438_657673910955165_1286879051800123457_n Community Green Space 1

          “As Secretary Treasurer of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council (DNC), I support advocacy for the rights and safety of the low income residents of the Downtown Eastside and capacity building, independence and empowerment of our community.”

low income residents in our community 3

“I have raised over  $200,000 for community programs benefiting the low income residents of the Downtown Eastside (DTES)”

Roland Clarke is running for Vancouver Park Board to champion issues such as the need for safe survival street vending zones in all neighbourhoods of Vancouver, and to maximally use the community centres for low income people, youth and families.

0 Roland Clarke meet street vendors

As an advocate for the rights of Vancouver’s homeless population, Roland Clarke knows that our Parks and Community Centres are not just an amenity, but an essential service for our most vulnerable.

Guru Nanak Free Kitchen

Roland enjoys Vancouver’s Parks and Recreation as a Dog Lover, Golfer, Community Organizer Consultant, Environmentalist, Programmer and Futurist.

Roland loves walking his dog 2

“I love walking my dog in our beautiful parks”

Roland having fun with his dog on the water 3

“Having a fun time while on the water”

My cousin visiting from California

“Spending time with my cousin”

0 Roland Clarke at Wish Garage Sale Fundraiser

“I love supporting my community!”

0aaa Roland Clarke at Pigeon Park - Sun May 18, 2014

    “On November 15, 2014, Vote Roland Clarke as a Park Commissioner for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.”

0b Roland Clarke for Park Board at WECC