First day of Park Board election campaigning at West End Community Centre

Roland Clarke for Park Board says

“It was my first official day of  election campaigning on Tuesday May 27, 2014.

We set up a small plastic table just outside of the West End Community Centre, and interviewed people walking by.

Our hope was to poll people on their concerns and hopes for their local parks and community centres, and to discuss what we can do together to strengthen the park system of Vancouver.

Despite not being completely prepared (we still had our sign to make, and some folding and cutting to do on our handouts), we still managed to have engaged conversations with about 20 people.

0a Roland Clarke for Park Board at WECC

It turns out, as I expected, that the topic of community centres is extremely important to the average person. One man said that loneliness is the biggest issue in neighbourhoods like the West End, where people only see their neighbours in elevators and hardly get the chance to do things together. He was very supportive.

Several other passersby were even surprised that there was a park board. They had no idea that there was an elected body who’s sole role it was to protect the parks and community centres of our City. They all promised to vote.

Another couple was actually from another neighbourhood, Kitsilano, and adamantly wanted to talk about the Hastings Park issue. Their son went to a school nearby, and they were concerned that the Park would not be accessible and preserved as before with the new push to commercialize the area. This was an issue that got a lot of attention last year, when the park board voted unanimously to take control of the park and was vetoed by city council. I still support the park to be fully under the park board and think that there should have been a gradual transition proposed so that Playland and the other facilities could continue operating in a semi-autonomous way, while preserving the park for the community.

It was a valuable experience to visit the West End and meet people today. I can’t wait for next week when I visit ….”


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