Filled out Candidate profile for Vancouver Election 2014 website

Roland Clarke created profile for candidate website for Novermber 2014 election


I believe that Vancouver’s Parks and Community Centres can play a larger role in alleviating the hardships of poverty and could do more to reduce the separation and isolation felt by so many in our modern city.

Survival vending is practiced throughout most of the City, if more concentrated in the Downtown Eastside due to the large percentage of people dependent upon government assistance. Our parks could be opened up to community groups that could create events and swap meets that would complement the existing system of Farmer’s Markets.

As coordinator of the DTES Street Market, I have fought for the rights of hundreds of vendors to make a modest living in Pigeon Park on Sundays, and I will continue to fight for the acceptance of the informal economy of binning and recycling to be included in the civic dialog.

Please vote for me on November 15th, 2014.


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